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Ten Mile Riding Club

Located off Columbia Road in between Eagle and Cloverdale

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Contact Us

2015 Board Members

President: Becky McPheters 463-0656

Vice President: Bob Amidon 362-4345

 Treasurer: Pam Perry

Director: Danielle Mora

Secretary: Linda Buell



Membership Application: 

 Ten Mile Riding Club  2015 MEMBERSHIP FORM.pdf



If you did not help on a committee for 2014 you are required to pay $25 for not fulfilling your commitment to the club. 

Your renewal will be sent back if it is not included. Any questions, ask!




                                           (New members that join in Oct, Nov, Dec are good until the following Dec.)


Please remember that all members renewing MUST do a yearly application as well. If you send a check without an application it will be returned.

 REMEMBER: If you are a new member to the club, you must come to a monthly meeting to get voted in.

New club policy. You must have your ID on your check when mailing or show it when you renew in person